Health & Safety

Garage Roof Scotland own certified installation teams are often retrained in asbestos awareness, in which they are shown, explained and given the necessary Health & Safety literature on how to work with asbestos from removal, packaging and disposal.

They are explained on the latest safety clothing including respiratory masks, protective clothing and correct footwear. We take the staff and clients health seriously and encourage them to use all the advice given.

We are not just approved installers, but we also take our clients health and safety seriously. During the removal of your asbestos roof sheets, a 5 metre area will be cordoned off with asbestos warning tape and visual A board warnings will be placed so that even if guests arrived to the site unexpected they will be given advance notice not to breach this area whilst we are undertaking the removal of the asbestos. When removed, all the asbestos sheets will be carefully wrapped in the required polythene sheets and securely sealed. These will be placed in our vehicles, removed from site and disposed of correctly. When the fitting teams have reinstalled your roof and all other work is complete. If we notice any small traces broken of asbestos during the removal they will vacuum your garage using an H type vacuum which is specifically for asbestos removal.

We’re the UK’s only CSCS & CITB certified concrete garage manufacturer with fully qualified & insured staff.