Asbestos Removal Scotland

In all but most the product used on an asbestos contaminated garages installed between 1950-1980 will have been asbestos cement, which has an asbestos content of between 10-15%.

If it’s in good condition then it will not be releasing dangerous quantities of fibres the main problem lies when through wear and tear or when disturbed can be fatal when the fibres are released in the air. The garage should be monitored so that if the condition begins to degrade it should be removed at that time.

Garage repair Scotland team of certified and trained asbestos fitter understand the hazards when working with this material and therefor giving you the knowledge you are using a team approved when fitting your new roof.

Garage repair Scotland as trained will dispose of any debris including your existing corrugated asbestos sheeting using the lasted guidelines of health & safety recommendations. Our approved installers are fully certified and updated on a regular basis, with the latest asbestos awareness

We’re the UK’s only CSCS & CITB certified concrete garage manufacturer with fully qualified & insured staff.